LDPE Heavy Duty Low Density Polyethylene Film Coated

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The LDPE Heavy Duty Low Density Polyethylene Film Coated is a  low density polyethylene film coated on one side with a synthetic rubber adhesive. Remains permanently tacky and bonds well to most surfaces over a wide range of temperatures; excellent low temperature bond. This Polyethylene Film Tape is Coated backing offers good abrasion and tear resistance.

Made IN Canada

Ideal for polyethylene splicing; patching/repairing poly sheeting
used in boating and RV industry; surface protection & electroplate
masking; wire identification; packaging; etc. Works well in most
applications where a low thread-count polyethylene coated cloth
tape is being used.

Highly conformable, waterproof and resistant to chemical deterioration. 3” paper core.

Physical Properties...
Adhesive Synthetic Rubber
Tensile Strength 22 lbs/in.
Elongation 100%
Peel Adhesion 70 oz/in.
Adhesion to Backing 35 oz/in.