Hazard Warning Tape

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Product Description
The GGR Supply Hazard warning tape or safety stripe tape is a 18yds long and is a 6 mil thick (carrier + adhesive) comfortable soft PVC vinyl tape; displaying vivid colors that are printed on the backing to obtain high visibility helping to prevent accidents and

This Hazard Warning Tape is the must-have safety accessory for any workplace. With its eye-catching design and bold cautionary message, it is perfect for delineating hazardous areas and ensuring the safety of employees and visitors. Made from durable materials, it can withstand heavy traffic and can also be used for decorative purposes. Invest in this expertly designed tape for optimal safety and peace of mind.

tape replacement. The floor safety tape works perfect for any store or event. 

Color and Standard Meaning
• Black & Yellow - Hazard/Caution.
• Red & White - Fire equipment/First aid.
• Black & White - Traffic/Housekeeping.
• Green & White - Decorative Identification.

Masking - Sealing - Splicing - Restricted - Hazardous barrier - Stripping - Area marking - Lane marking - Floor marking safety markings - Color coding - Abrasion protection

• Adhesive: Synthetic rubber
• Carrier/Backing: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film
• Thickness: 6 mils (carrier + adhesive)
• Adhesion: 13.7 oz/in (to stainless steel test panel)
• Tensile: 15 lb/in
• Elongation: 210%
• Temperature resistance: 14 F to + 176 F
• Certifications: OSHA 1910.144
• 3" neutral core/carton

Note: Sizes will be the tape industry standard metric sizes, ex. 12mm for every 1/2-inch of nominal value tape width (Rolls are give or take 5% wider or narrower than the nominal size)