Fiberglass Scrim Aluminum Foil Tape

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  • Improve insulation and protect surfaces with our Fiberglass Scrim Aluminum Foil Tape. This high temperature tape is designed to be a vapor barrier and provides reliable insulation. Made with aluminum foil, it is durable and effective, perfect for any industrial or household use.

    A 4.8 MIL 3-WAY DEAD SOFT ALUMINUM FOIL / fiberglass scrim / paper backing coated with a 2 mil aggressive adhesive and wound with a 3.2 mil removable paper release liner.
  • MALLEABLE FOIL CONFORMS WELL TO IRREGULAR AND CURVED SURFACES to maximize adhesive contact and provide quick, positive grab to the insulation surface.
  • USED AS A CLOSURE SYSTEM FOR FIBERGLASS and mineral wool insulation systems that are faced with foil
  • SEAL SEAMS AND JOINTS ON ALUMINUM FACED FIBERGLASS duct board, and to provide a vapor barrier that assures the integrity of the system.