Durable Polypropylene Webbing Straps 1" and 100 yds

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The GGR Supply Polypropylene Webbing Straps is a 1" and 100 yds premium quality product made in the USA with the highest standards.  This  Polypropylene Webbings are widely used in the sign and banner industry for Their Incredibly Resistant Properties. This Product is Often Used Outdoor for Extended Periods.


  • THIS WEBBING IS ONE OF THE MOST VERSATILE PRODUCTS IN THE MARKET. They are commonly used for Tote Handles, Leads, Pet Collars, Custom Strapping, Tie-Downs, Closures for Vests and other Apparel, and Infinite Other Applications.
  • POLYPROPYLENE OFFERS NATURAL UV PROTECTION AND DOES NOT ABSORB WATER, SO MILDEW AND ROT ARE NOT A PROBLEM. It is a Natural Choice for Outdoor Applications, Such as Tent Straps and Tie-Downs that Require Added Protection from Moisture and Sunlight.
  • WE OFFER THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF PRODUCTS IN THE MARKET, SO WE STICK TO OUR 100% MONEY BACK-GUARANTEED policy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. GGR Supplies is a US Company based in Florida with over 20 years in the business of every kind of specialty adhesive tape.