Double Coated Window Glazing Tape

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The GGR Supply DC-PEF-P Window Glazing Tape is a( 150 YDS)  High Performance closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam coated on both sides with a high performance solvent-based acrylic adhesive. Double-sided PE foam tape which is designed specifically for window glazing. Adhesive system is formulated to bond with glass, wood, and aluminum substrates with quick stick, high peel adhesion and very good shear strength. Typically used during the installation process to prevent wind and water from entering by creating the inside seal between the insulated glass panel and the window sash/box. Outstanding resistance to weather for outdoor applications. Superior seal against dust and moisture due to flexible, soft foam. Easy peel 4 mil blue poly release liner for continuous & complete liner removal during window glazing applications. Glazing tape is a cleaner and more convenient option over glazing putty and other messy or more difficult to apply products.

Mounting of Emblems - Nameplates - Plastic Strips - Mirrors

• Carrier/Backing: Closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam
• Adhesive: Solvent-Based Acrylic
• Thickness: 4 mil
• Peel Adhesion: < 140.8 oz/in
• Tensile Strength: Minimum 44 psi
• Elongation (at break): 15%
• Release Liner: Blue Polyolefin film
• Density: 4 lbs per cubic foot
• Service Temperature: -22 F to 176 F
• Heat Resistance at 176 F: 24+ hours
• Core: 3 inch diameter
• Certification: AAMA-certified testing and approve

Note: Sizes will be the tape industry standard metric sizes, ex. 12mm for every 1/2 inch of nominal value tape width (Rolls are give or take 5% wider or narrower than the nominal size).