Color Engineering Grade Reflective Tape

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Product Description
The GGR Supply (REF-7) Reflective Tape is 5.5 mils thick with Enclosed Lens Retroreflective Urethane Film coated with a permanent Acrylic Adhesive. Application surface should be flat (not recommended for unpainted stainless steel surface). Product may be screen printed, guillotine cut, die-cut, or thermal kiss-cut. Meets or exceeds requirements of Federal Specification LS-300C (Reflectivity 1, Class 1), FP-85 (Type II), and ASTM D4956-94 (Type 1). 3" inch core. Adhesion: 24 hoursê dwell time, but in 15 minutes adhesive will reach 75%. Application Temperature: +40 F (4 C). Temperature Range resistance: -40 F to +140 F (40 C to 82 C).
6 Colors available Silver/White - Yellow - Red - Green - Orange - Blue

Primarily designed for permanent and temporary traffic signage; also is used for safety applications and for the entertainment industry.

• Adhesive: Acrylic
• Carrier/Backing: Enclosed lens retroreflective urethane film
• Thickness: 5.5 mils (carrier + adhesive)
• Adhesion: 50 oz/in (to stainless steel test panel)
• Application Temperature: +40 F
• Service Temperature Range: -40 F to +180 F
• Application temperature range: 32 F to 140 F
• Dimensional Stability: Less than 0.02 in. (0.8mm) shrinkage (1000 hours Atlas Twin Arch Weatherometer, EH)
• Certifications: LS-300C (Reflectivty 1 Class 1), FP-85 (Type II), ASTM D4956-94 (Type 1)
• 3" neutral core/carton

Alternative to Avery T-1500 Series, Nippon/Carbide 8100 Series, 3M 3200 Series.

Note: Sizes will be the tape industry standard metric sizes, ex. 12mm for every 1/2 inch of nominal value tape width (Rolls are give or take 5% wider or narrower than the nominal size).